Department of History

About the Department

History matters

The study of history prepares students to live thoughtfully, to work in a wide variety of professions, and to participate as national and global citizens.

A popular undergraduate major at Pitt, history develops skills (research and synthesis, critical reading, careful and clear writing and speaking) that are critically important in politics, law, business, teaching, and public relations. History faculty members are experienced and passionate scholar-teachers of both undergraduate and graduate students. Along with the students they train, they bring the long-term perspective of history into important debates about the present.

The History Department at the University of Pittsburgh enjoys an international reputation. The area studies—U.S., Asia, Latin America, and Europe—rank among the best programs in the nation and attract both national and international students.

The Department of History offers a wide range of courses covering Atlantic history, world history, the African diaspora, race and ethnicity, power and inequality, gender and sexuality, environmental history, and cultural and intellectual history.  Labor, social, and urban history, fields to which Pitt made pioneering contributions beginning in the 1960s, continue to be important areas of faculty and student interest.