University of Pittsburgh


Patrick Manning

Andrew W. Mellon Professor of World History
Director, World History Center
PhD, University of Wisconsin – Madison (1969)

University of Pittsburgh
Department of History
3904 Posvar Hall
Pittsburgh, PA  15260
Phone 412-648-7478

Curriculum Vitae


World History, Africa and African Diaspora



World history
Interdisciplinary methodology


Selected Publications

Big Data in History: A World-Historical Archive (Palgrave Pivot, 2013)

Cross-Disciplinary Theory in Construction of a World-Historical Archive,” Journal of World-Historical Information (2013). Co-authored with Sanjana Ravi.

Migration in World History (Routledge, 2012), second ed., with Tiffany Trimmer

“Epistemology,” in Jerry H. Bentley, ed., Oxford History Handbook: World History (Oxford UP, 2011).

Andre Gunder Frank and Global Development: Visions, Remembrances, and Explorations (Routledge, 2011), co-edited with Barry K. Gills

Migration History in World History: Multidisciplinary Approaches (Leiden, 2010), co-edited with Jan Lucassen and Leo Lucassen.

“African Population: Projections, 1851-1961” in Karl Ittmann, Dennis D. Cordell, and Gregory Maddox, eds., The Demographics of Empire: The Colonial Order and the Creation of Knowledge (Ohio UP, 2010)

The African Diaspora: A History through Culture (Columbia UP, 2009) Global Practice in World History: Advances Worldwide (Markus Wiener, 2008)

World History: Global and Local Interactions (Markus Wiener, 2006)

Navigating World History: Historians Create a Global Field (Palgrave Macmillan, 2003)



Pioneer in World History (World History Association, 2013)

“Collaborative in Historical Information and Analysis,” research award from National Science Foundation ($601,000, 2013-2015)

“Alliance for Curriculum and Professional Development in World History,” award for 2012-13 from American Council of Learned Societies and British Council. Co-directed with Ross Dunn, Tim Keirn, and Tobias Higbie.



Collaborative for Historical Information and Analysis. An interdisciplinary, collaborative project to create a world-historical data resource (

“African Population, 1650-1950: The Eras of Enslavement and Colonial Rule.” Detailed demographic analysis of the impact of slavery on populations in Africa and abroad; expected to appear in 2015. Co-authored with Scott Nickleach.

“Humanity in Movement: World History.” An interpretive overview of world history from the rise of Homo sapiens to the present, with thematic approach and chronological organization. Expected to appear with Brill