Department of History

Alexandra Mountain

  • Graduate Student

I received my BA with History Honours from the University of Western Australia, and moved to Pittsburgh in the Fall of 2012. My master’s thesis, completed in Spring 2014, is entitled “Professionalising the Puck: Youth Development in Canadian Major Junior Hockey.” My thesis examines the changing patterns by which youth develop into NHL professionals, focusing on a single, local site of hockey in Toronto, Canada. It follows the development of ice hockey from its formational years in the late nineteenth century up to the emergence of a globalised system of ice hockey in the late twentieth century. I examine the recruitment, training, and play of youth hockey players during this time period, and detail how the youth hockey system represents larger shifts in the trends of Canadian hockey.

Advisor: Rob Ruck


Modern US
Power and Inequality
Sports History

Teaching Experience

HIST0601: US History 1865 to the present (TA for Dr Rob Ruck) Fall 2012
HIST0100: Western Civilization I (TA for Dr Bernard Hagerty) Spring 2013
HIST0601: United States to 1877 (TA for Professor Van Beck Hall) Fall 2013
HIST0630: Afro-American History 2 (TA for Dr Liann Tsoukas) Spring 2014

Representative Publications

Conference Presentations:

“Youth Hockey and the Professionalising Influence of ‘Globalisation,’” Sports, Globalisation and Migration, Sandbjerg Estate, June 19, 2014

“Bleeding the Double Blue: St. Michael’s College School and the Professionalisation of Youth Hockey Players,” 3rd Annual Tri-University Conference for the Trans-Disciplinary Study of Sport: Cross-pollinating the Field: Pluralistic Approaches to the Study of Sport, Western University, March 22, 2014