Department of History

Araceli Mendiluce

  • Graduate Student

A native of Bolivia, before coming to the University of Pittsburgh in August 2014, I attended the United World College of the American West in New Mexico, studied Politics at Oberlin College in Ohio and History at San Andrés University in La Paz, Bolivia.  I have worked as a teacher, librarian, consultant, educator in experiential education programs, and coordinator of a volunteering program between Germany and Bolivia. I also enjoy making music and the outdoors.


Bolivian History
Latin American History
Power and Inequality

Representative Publications

Review of the Book “Alianzas familiares. Elite, género y negocios en La Paz, Charcas, siglo XVII” by Clara López Beltrán, in Retornos: Revista de Historia y Ciencias Sociales, N. 12: Los Afroamericanos (Siglos XVIII – XIX), Centro de Estudios para la América Andina y Amazónica, La Paz, 2012.

“A gender-based strategy to break the cycle of chronic hunger in India”, in BardPolitik: The Bard Journal of Global Affairs, Bard College Program on Globalization and International Affairs, New York, Fall 2007.

Research Interests

Master’s Research Topic:

I am interested in the history of everyday life in the early 20th century in La Paz, Bolivia. La Paz is a very interesting city because it has a very high number of indigenous people who have lived side by side with people from other ethnic origins for more than 450 years, with each group interacting with one another while at the same time keeping their own ways of living.  I want to look at how these complex relations affected the lives of the people in La Paz in things such as food, dress, parenting, and recreation.

Advisor: Laura Gotkowitz