Department of History

Artan Hoxha

  • Graduate Student

I am from Fier, a city located only few miles away from the Adriatic coast, in Albania. Before coming to Pitt I completed my studies at the University of Tirana, Albania. In my MA thesis, Albania from 1945 to1961: the American press perspective, I have tried to analyze the way Albania’s image was constructed in the American press at the height of the Cold War. I also hold a doctorate in history at the same university. In my thesis, The Relations Between the Albanian Communist Regime and the Orthodox Church, 1945–1967, I have tried to understand the role pragmatism, Marxism–Leninism and nationalism played in the policymaking of the Albanian communist regime, and how the interplay of these different factors influenced Tirana’s religious policy. I have also published a short study, An Historical View on the Development of Philanthropy in Albania, where I have argued the ideological dimension of philanthropy and, in Albania’s case, its connection to nationalism during second half of XIX and early XX century. After my enrollment here in Pittsburgh my interests have shifted toward cultural and social history and modernization of traditional societies.

Advisor: Gregor Thum

Representative Publications

Artan R. Hoxha, A Historical View on the Development of Philanthropy in Albania, (Tirana: 2012)

Conference Presentations

“Memory/Oblivion: the Protection of Jews in Albania during the Holocaust and the  use of history,” Rome, Italy, June 2nd 2014.

“De-Stalinization as an Implosion from Within: The Hungarian Revolt of 1956 and the Albanian Political Elite’s Dilemmas in a Time of Change,” Budapest, Hungary, May 27th 2014.

“East and West in the Discourse of the Albanian Stalinist Regime in the Years 1960–1970,” Tirana, Albania, December 17th 2013.

“‘Minorities’ Position in the Balkans. Causes and Consequences (a comparative approach)”, Plav, Montenegro, July 29th 2013.

“Religious Particularism versus Socialist Nationhood. Orthodox Church’s Place in the Policies of the Albanian Communist State, 1945–1951,” Regensburg, Germany, January 11th, 2013.

“From Gentile to Gramsci? The Cooperation of the Italian Soldiers with the Albanian Communists, Spetember 1943–Novemeber 1944,” Tirana, Albania, December 9th 2011.

“East or West? Post–Communist debates on World War II in Albania,” Moscow, September 28th, 2011.

“The Power of Knowledge: State, Religion and Education in the Process of Nation–Building in Albania,” New York, April 15th, 2011.

“Between Faith and Nationalism: the American Protestant Missionaries in Albania during the first half of XX Century,” Tirana, Albania, December 2nd, 2010.

“Politics, ideology and historical constructions. The Case of a Revolt in Central Albania in 1914–1915,” Tirana, Albania, April 15th 2010.

“Edward Grey, British Foreign Policy and the Making of Albania,” Tirana, Albania, December 18th 2009.

“Raymond Poincare, French Foreign Policy and the Albanian Problem, 1911–1914,” Tirana, Albania, July 9th 2009.

“Oral History and the Protection of Jews in Albania during the Holocaust,” Tirana, Albania, February 11th, 2009.

Research Interests

PhD Research Topic

"A tale of two villages: Socio-cultural transformations in rural Albania during the short 20th century"