Department of History

Diego Holstein

  • Professor and Chair


World History


Medieval Iberia
Medieval Europe
World History

Education & Training

  • PhD, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2002

Representative Publications

Olstein, D. (2004) “Globalization and Historical Writing since the "Global Village"”. Comparativ 14, no 2, pp. 102-116. 

Olstein, D. (2006) “Le molteplici origini della globalizzazione. Un dibattito storiografico”. Contemporanea 3, pp. 403-422. 

Olstein, D. (2006) “The Arabic Origins of Romance Private Documents”. Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, 17:4, pp. 433-443.

Olstein, D. La era mozárabe: los mozárabes de Toledo (siglos XII y XIII) en la historiografía, las fuentes y la historia, 2006, 187 pages, Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, Spain. 

Olstein, D. “Macro-Histories and Area Studies: Confronting Paradigms”. In Manning, Patrick (Ed). Global Practice in World History, 200 7 , pp. 23-37, Markus Wiener Publishers: Princeton, New Jersey. 

Olstein, D. “Comparative History: The Pivot of Historiography”. In Kedar, B.Z. (Ed). New Ventures in Comparative History, 2009, pp. 37-52. Magnes Press, Jerusalem.

Research Interests

“Macrohistories: Global Horizons for a Global Age”
“The Global Rise and Defeat of Anti-Hegemonic Party States”
“The Muwallad Era (850-928): The Christians of al-Andalus amidst Islamic Rule and Christian Kingdoms”