Department of History

Eddie Bonilla

  • Postdoctoral Fellow in LatinX Studies and History


Latinx and Latin American History
African American History
Asian American History
Global Communism
Comparative Race Studies


Latinx History
Popular Culture
Comparative Social Movements

Education & Training

  • PhD, United States History, Michigan State University, 2019

Research Interest Summary

My research examines the ideologies and activism of communists of color between the 1960s and the present.

Research Interests

I explore how activists of different racial and ethnic backgrounds utilized the theories around Marxism for organizing laborers, students, and communities in their fights against global imperialism, capitalism, sexism, and racism. I examine the polemical writings and practical activism of a multiracial Communist Party known as the League of Revolutionary Struggle in areas such as labor, student activism, and electoral politics. I also explore the interconnections of social movements and policing by seeing how communists were politically persecuted at the hands of policing agencies against communists during the global Cold War. I am currently revising my dissertation to a book manuscript tentatively titled Homegrown Communists in the Age of Reagan: Multi-Racial Politics and Socialist Revolution that sits at the intersection of Latinx, African American, and Asian American social movement histories.