Department of History

Evelyn Rawski

  • Distinguished University Professor Emerita of History

Representative Publications

Agricultural Change and the Peasant Economy of South China, Harvard University Press, 1972.

Education and Popular Literacy in Ch'ing China, University of Michigan Press, 1979.

with David Johnson and Andrew J. Nathan, eds., Popular Culture in Late Imperial China, University of California Press, 1985.

with Susan Naquin, Chinese Society in the Eighteenth Century,  Yale University Press, 1987. Chinese edition: Shiba shiji Zhongguo shehui 十八世紀中國社會, trans. Chen Zhongdan 陳仲丹. Jiangnan Renmin chubanshe, 2008.

with James L. Watson, eds., Death Ritual in Late Imperial and Modern China, University of California Press, 1988. In Japanese edition: Chūgoku no shi no girei 中國 の 死 の 儀禮 translated by Nishiwaki Tsuneki 西脇 常記, Kōda Kazuyo 神田 一世, and Nagao Kayoko 長尾佳代子. Tokyo: Heibonsha, 1994.

with Bell Yung and Rubie S. Watson, eds., Harmony and Counterpoint: Ritual Music in Chinese Context, Stanford University Press, 1996.

with Murdo J. MacLeod, eds. European Intruders and Changes in Behaviour and Customs in Africa and Asia before 1800. volume 30 in An Expanding  World: The European Impact on World History 1450-1800, Ashgate Publishing Ltd., 1998.

The Last Emperors: A Social History of Qing Imperial Institutions, University of California Press, 1998. Chinese edition: Qingdai gongting shehui shi 清代宮廷社會史, trans. Zhou Weiping周卫 评. Beijing: Zhongguo Renmin daxue chubanshe, 2009. Korean edition: Ch’oehu ŭi hwangjedŭl: Ch’ŏng hwangsil ŭi sahoesa, trans. Ku Bŏmjin, Kach’i Books, 2011.

with Jan Stuart, Worshiping the Ancestors: Chinese Commemorative Portraits. Stanford University Press, June 2001.

with Jessica Rawson, eds. China: The Three Emperors, 1662-1795. London: Royal Academy of Arts, 2005.

Early Modern China and Northeast Asia: Cross-Border Perspectives. Cambridge University Press, 2015.

Research Interests

Borderlands in northeast Asia

Chinese economic history, 1600-1850

Chinese historiography

9 Qing Dynasty Map