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Jack Bouchard

  • Graduate Student

I am originally a native of New Hampshire. I attended Brandeis University (class of 2010) where I majored in History and Classical Studies. My senior thesis was a social history of rural Attika during the 5th century B.C. which earned Highest Honors. I did my MA at McGill University from 2010-2011, where I focused on Atlantic history. My final paper looked at Franco-Dutch commercial competition in the 1620’s. I have lived in Pittsburgh since 2011, and I taught history and economics at the Winchester Thurston School in Oakland for one year before joining the University of Pittsburgh.


Atlantic History
European History

Research Interests

Ph.D. Research Topic:

Provisional title: "Maritime Commerce in the Far North Atlantic 1450-1630"
Advisor: Marcus Rediker

I am most interested in the very far North Atlantic in the 15th-17th centuries. The arc between Maritime Canada and the North Sea, encompassing the great fisheries and whaling zones of the Atlantic, was the scene of important commercial and maritime expansion by Europe from a very early date. The way in which local communities along the Atlantic seaboard organized themselves to explore and exploit the far north is a unique story that needs to be treated as a distinct phenomenon in the Atlantic world. In particular I am focusing on the concurrent commercial development of the North Sea/Bay of Biscay and the Gulf of St. Laurent in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. I hope to look at the role of small port towns in replicating older European commercial forms and their interactions with the First Peoples along the coast of northeastern North America. At the moment I am working on comprehensive exams and preparing an overview for my dissertation.