Department of History

Jomo Smith

  • Visiting Assistant Professor


Pre-Modern and Modern China
Modern Japan 
Ethnicity and Nationalism in Empires 


19th and 20th Century Chinese History 
East Asian Civilizations 
Chinese Philosophy 
Ethnicity and Minority Religions in East Asia 
Christian Missionaries and the Making of the Modern World

Representative Publications

"Christianity with Chinese Characteristics: The origins and evolution of the Adventist mission in a Chinese province". Journal of Adventist Mission Studies 8/1 (Fall 2012): 107-138

Research Interests

My research considers a frontier space, a zone of contact where Chinese civilization has interacted with Tibetans, Muslims, Mongols and other Central Asian groups for centuries. While my primary interests presuppose the politics surrounding the formation of the People’s Republic of China, I am also interested in how individual actors formed bonds of community across religious lines. Speaking more broadly, questions of identity formation and cultural hybridity, resulting from trade and migration patterns, guide my scholarly pursuits.