Department of History

José Andrés Andrés Fernández Montes de Oca

  • Graduate Student

Before coming to Pitt in Fall 2014, I received my BA in History from Universidad de Costa Rica, in February 2013. I did my undergraduate research on the Afro-Caribbean migration and social organization in Costa Rica during the first decades of the twentieth century. Since then, I have been interesting in transnational social movements, West Indian migrations, and Black Internationalism

My Master’s thesis, “Garveyism and Trinidad’s Labor Movement in the Age of Black Internationalism, 1919-1925,” explores how political thought among Trinidad’s working class interacted with transnational ideas of race consciousness during the 1920s. I study how the Trinidad Workingmen’s Association (TWA) combined Garveyism and labor politics, and how they navigated the potential contradictions between class-based and race-based organizing more broadly. My goal was to add to the existing literature on Garveyism and race consciousness in Trinidad a perspective that situates the TWA’s ideas on race and class as a local dialogue interacting with global discussions among black radicals on labor, socialism, communism, Black Nationalism, and pan-Africanism.