Department of History

Matt Drwenski

  • Graduate Student

Before starting at Pitt in the Fall of 2013, I earned a BA in Political Science, Policy Studies, and History from Rice University in Houston, Texas. After graduation I worked as a World History, AP World History, and Economics teacher at a Houston high school that serves low-income students.


World History
Latin America & the Caribbean 
Digital Humanities
Social & Economic Inequality

Representative Publications

“Data on Inequality and the Inequality of Data: The Last Two Centuries,” Journal of World-Historical Information, Vol. 2-3 (2015)

Research Interests

Master's Research Topic:

Title: “Scales of Inequality: Changes in Global Disparities from 1750 to the Present”
Advisor: Patrick Manning

I am interested in the interaction among different scales of human economic and social inequality, from the local to the planetary. Specifically, my research addresses how inequality is measured, described, and visualized and what forces create, sustain, and shift patterns in the distribution of wealth and well-being. One aspect of my work looks at the global scale of inequality in the recent past, while the other prong of my investigation examines inequality for a single understudied region, the Caribbean, back through the end of the 18th-century.