Department of History

New Faces

Meet the Department of History's newest faculty members.

Raja Adal

Raja Adal is an Assistant Professor of modern Japanese history whose interests include comparative history, aesthetics, media studies, technology, and the digital humanities. Read more about Raja.

Elizabeth Archibald

Elizabeth Archibald joins us as a three-year Visiting Assistant Professor in Medieval History. Read more about Elizabeth.

Robert Bland

Robert Bland joins us as Visiting Assistant Professor in African American History. Read more about Robert.

Michell Chresfield

Michell Chresfield joins us as a Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences post-doctoral fellow, specializing in the history of race, science, medicine, and gender. Read more about Michell.

Michel Gobat

Michel Gobat joins us as Associate Professor of History. His research and teaching interests focus on modern Latin America, U.S.-Latin American relations, and international history. Read more about Michel.

Ruth Mostern

Ruth Mostern joins us as Associate Professor of World History, on leave in AY 2016-17. Read more about Ruth.

James Pickett

James Pickett, Assistant Professor, is a historian of empire and Islamic authority in Eurasia. Read more about James.

Patryk Reid

Patryk Reid joins us as three-year post doctoral fellow sponsored by the Center for Russian and East European Studies. Read more about Patryk.

Keisha Blain

Keisha Blain joins us beginning in Fall 2017 as Assistant Professor of African American history.  Read more about Keisha.