Department of History

Pernille Røge

  • Assistant Professor

Watch Dr. Røge discuss how she brings research in to every course.


Eighteenth-century France and Europe
Early Modern European Empires
Atlantic History
Intellectual History



Undergraduate courses:
Hist 1126/Soc 1386 French Revolution. 
Hist 1115 The West and the World. 
Hist 1001 Introductory Seminar/European Enlightenment. 
Hist 0103 Europe in the 18th Century
Hist 1901 Independent Undergraduate Study.

Graduate Seminars: 
Hist 2160 Political Economy and European Imperial Rivalry.
Hist 2721 Atlantic History to 1800
Hist 2902 Independent Study


Education & Training

  • PhD, University of Cambridge, 2010

Representative Publications

Reinventing the Empire: Political Economy, France, and the African and Caribbean Colonies, c. 1750-1800 (submitted for peer review)

‘Rethinking Africa in the Age of Revolution: the Evolution of Jean-Baptiste-Léonard Durand’s Voyage au Sénégal’, Atlantic Studies, Special Issue on ‘The Age of Revolution in the Atlantic World’ ed. by Michael McDonnell, 13, 3 (July 2016), pp. 389-406. 

‘Why the Danes got there first – a trans-imperial study of the abolition of the Danish slave trade in 1792’, Slavery and Abolition, vol. 35, Issue 4 (2014), pp. 576-592.

The Political Economy of Empire in the Early Modern World, eds. Sophus Reinert and Pernille Røge (Palgrave Macmillan, October 2013)

Research Interests

I am currently developing two new research projects. One focuses on the the place of the Baltic in the French Atlantic World. The other is a transimperial study of the Danish colonial empire between 1660 and 1815. I am also engaged in an ongoing project on French global interests during the Age of Revolution.​