Department of History

Tony Novosel

  • Undergraduate Advisor & Senior Lecturer


History of Russia and the Soviet Union
Modern European History 
Northern Ireland
Origins of  mass violence in the 20th Century
Origins and impact of the Great War in European and World History
Problems Facing Societies Making the Transition to a Post-Conflict Society.


History of the Soviet Union: Pre-Revolutionary Russia to the Present
Western Civilization II (University Honors College)
History of Modern Ireland: 1603-1916 
Ireland:  The “Troubles:” 1969-1994
History of the Russian Revolution 1917-1932
Western Civilization 1 (Ancient World-1700)
World War I in Comparative Perspectives
Professional Development for History Majors and Minors

Representative Publications

Northern Ireland's Lost Opportunity: The Frustrated Promise of Political Loyalism (Pluto Press, 2013)

Research Interests

Developed online syllabi for University Honors College and College of General Studies. 

Involved in developing Web based courses using synchronous and asynchronous learning for the College of General Studies. Currently working with an education project to promote peace through education and economic development in Northern Ireland known as the Study USA. Spent two months in Northern Ireland, as part of a larger project, interviewing members and former members of the Ulster Volunteer Force, the Red Hand Commando and Loyalist Politicians regarding their political development and political analysis between 1972-1982, for ending the conflict in Northern Ireland. Provided orientations to Amizade, Coe College, Duke University, and other organizations who came to Northern Ireland to study the conflict. Has worked on collaborative projects with Belfast Model School for Girls and continues to work with the Fellowship of Messines in Belfast on Common History Projects around the key historical events in Irish History.