Department of History

Vincent Leung

  • Assistant Professor


Early China
Chinese History


Ancient China
Chinese Thought
Ancient Worlds
East Asian Civilization to 1800
Texts and Contexts: Core Seminar

Education & Training

  • PhD, Harvard University, 2011

Representative Publications

“Bad Writing: Cursive Calligraphy and the Ethics of Orthography in the Eastern Han.” Behaving Badly in Early and Medieval China, ed. N. Harry Rothschild and Leslie Wallace. Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press, 2017.

“Mozi.” The Oxford Handbook of Ancient China, 7/6000-300 BCE, ed. Elizabeth Childs-Johnson. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [Forthcoming] 

Why History Mattered: The Politics of the Past in Early China [book manuscript under preparation]

Empire and Things: A History of Economic Thought in Early China [book manuscript under preparation]

Research Interests

Early Chinese political and intellectual history
Early Chinese historiography
Cultural studies and critical theories