Department of History

Zhaojin Zeng

  • Visiting Assistant Professor


History of China and East Asia
Transnational Economic and Business History
Digital History
Quantitative Data Analysis

Representative Publications

“The Price of Persecution: The Long-Term Effects of the Anti-Rightist Campaign on Economic Performance in Post-Mao China,” (with Joshua Eisenman), World Development, forthcoming.

“Enterprise Archives and Business History in Contemporary China: The Case of the Baojin Company Archive,” Entreprises et Histoire, forthcoming.

Research Interests

My research and teaching interests include transnational economic and business history, the interactions between industry, technology, and state-building, and US-China economic engagement. Currently I am finishing a book project on China’s local businesspeople and regional industrial factories from the late imperial Qing to the Reform era. Other research projects include a digital project on Chinese factory and enterprise gazetteers and several article projects on technology transfer in Cold War China and business dispute resolution in the Reform era.