Department of History


Tony Novosel and Liann Tsoukas are the undergraduate advisors for the History Department. Students are given an orientation to the department (see Orientation Video below) and then meet with them as soon as possible. After this initial meeting, students are encouraged to keep in regular contact with the office either by appointment or informally. Advising is designed to help the student progress toward graduation as smoothly as possible, and also to receive the maximum possible benefit from the opportunities available in the University. We are happy to tackle issues and problems, large and small, when they arise.

For those of you who have just declared History as your major watch the Orientation Video. It is an 11-minute video that gives all new majors the basic information you need before your first advising meeting.

Once you finish the orientation please make your appointment for your first personal advising meeting. You do this by visiting the Online Appointment System and then following the instructions on the screen. Note: For all students declaring in the Fall and Spring of 2018-19, follow the instructions on the orientation video for making your first advising appointment.