Department of History


Click here for listing of required courses for History Majors.

In addition, all students should consider the options of study abroad, applying for internships, and acquiring foreign language and computing skills to enhance their degrees. Students should consult the A&S Bulletin for more details.

Please contact our Undergraduate Advisors: Liann Tsoukas or Tony Novosel.


Here is the list of history courses with cross listings and how they fit in each of the sections of the History Major.  Note: if you take a History course that is cross listed and you take it under the other departments designation, it will still count for the History Major.

Core courses

  • One course in pre-1800 history

U.S. History

One survey course from the following list:

  • HIST 0600 United States to 1877
  • HIST 0601 United States 1865 – Present
  • HIST 0670 Afro-American History 1
  • HIST 0671 Afro-American History 2 

Global Understanding

One course in four of the following six categories:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • World/Comparative


Three additional courses are to be selected by the student with the help of a faculty member or the major advisor to form a chronological, geographic, or thematic concentration, which should normally be decided upon by the junior year.


Each student must take the following sequence of two courses:

  • HIST 1001 Introductory Seminar
  • HIST 1000 Capstone Seminar

Note: Students must take HIST 1001 prior to taking HIST 1000. An upper-level writing-intensive (W) course may be substituted for HIST 1001. The alternate course should be taken as soon as practicable.

Elective History course

Any course offered by the Department of History

Grade requirements: A minimum GPA of 2.0 in departmental courses is required for graduation.

Satisfactory/No Credit option: Majors may elect the S/NC option for a total of nine credits excluding HIST 1000 and HIST 1001.

Writing (W) requirement: Students must complete at least two W-courses in the major (ordinarily History 1001 and History 1000).

Related area: A minimum of 12 credits is required in any one Arts and Sciences department chosen in consultation with the major advisor. The completion of an official Arts and Sciences minor or an Arts and Sciences or UCIS certificate also satisfies this requirement.

For an idea of the content of some of our undergraduate courses, click here for same undergraduate course syllabi.