Department of History

Requirements for the Minor

The minor consists of 15 credits. See distribution below. The three upper-level courses should be chosen from the geographic area of one of the survey courses already taken. Any exceptions must be approved by the history advisor.

NB: Students must also have at least a 2.0 in each of the courses for the minor.

The minor consists of 15 credits, distributed as follows:

Two lower-level history courses — 6 credits
The lower-level (survey) courses can be in the same geographical area or in two different areas. The lower-level courses may be chosen from among the following:

HIST 0100 (Western Civilization 1)
HIST 0101 (Western Civilization 2)
HIST 0200 (East Europe Civilization)
HIST 0300 (Russia to 1860)
HIST 0301 (Russia to 1917)
HIST 0302 (Soviet Russia)
HIST 0400 (Traditional East Asia to 1850)
HIST 0401 (Modern East Asian Civilization)
HIST 0500 (Colonial Latin America)
HIST 0501 (Modern Latin America)
HIST 0600 (United States to 1877)
HIST 0601 (United States 1865–Present)
HIST 0670 (Afro-American History 1)
HIST 0671 (Afro-American History 2)
HIST 0700 (World History)
HIST 0795 (History of Africa Before 1800)
HIST 1240 (Political East Europe)
HIST 1796 (History of Africa Since 1800)

Three upper-level courses (numbered 1000 or above) in the same geographic area as one of the survey courses — 9 credits

Total —15 credits