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At the Department of History at Pitt, we're not just thinking about the past: we speak to the present and future too. From strong relationships with professors and peers to transregional expertise, we prepare you to do research abroad, apply cutting-edge methods, and speak to urgent public debates.

History Speaks

Michel Gobat's Empire by Invitation wins the Friedrich Katz Prize

Michel Gobat's Empire by Invitation: William Walker and Manifest Destiny in Central America (Harvard University Press, 2019) has won the Friedrich Katz Prize in Latin American and Caribbean History.

Rob Ruck: I traveled to American Samoa 5 times to study the secret to its football sucess

How did American Samoa – a tiny island territory in the Pacific – become a wellspring of football talent?  Read More >>

Keisha N. Blain Awarded Best Book in African American Women’s and Gender History

Keisha N. Blain, assistant professor in the Department of History, received the 2019 Darlene Clark Hine Award from the Organization of American Historians (OAH). Read more>>

Documenting the History of Sport in Pittsburgh

In City of Champyinz PhD students Cory Brazile and Alex Mountain interview coaches, players, owners, and community leaders to show how the increasingly global nature of sports has remade youth sport in Pittsburgh over the last fifty years. Watch now>>

Historian Mari Webel Bridges Gap in Understanding Neglected Tropical Diseases

A historian of eastern Africa, Mari Webel teaches popular courses at Pitt such as Disease and Health in Modern Africa and History of Global Health.  Read more>>

AHA Member Spotlight: Sharika Crawford

Sharika Crawford is an associate professor of history at the United States Naval Academy. She lives in Annapolis, Maryland, and has been a member since 2003.  Read more >>

Rob Ruck explores the meaning and impact of football in Samoa

Listen to Rob Ruck, interviewed on WESA about the story of Samoa and its surprising relationship to the sport, explored in his new book, Tropic of Football: The Long and Perilous Journey of Samoans to the NFL Read more>>

Molly Warsh disentangles beauty and power in the history of pearls

Listen to Molly Warsh, interviewed about her new book, American Baroque: Pearls and the Nature of Empire, 1492-1700: a global story of labor, empire, nature, and desire. Read more>>

Drwenski: Let's rid ourselves of Confederate statue

Remove, destroy, and replace the "Spirit of the Confederacy" statue. Do it now, without delay or reservation. Do it now, with celebration and camaraderie. Read more >>

Pitt History student wins AHA Summer Research Blog Contes

AHA Summer Blog Contest winner Aura Jirau Arroyo describes the huge challenges and deep insights of carrying out research in Puerto Rico in the wake of the hurricane.  Read more >>