Department of History

Undergraduate Alumni Profiles

Bridget Fields

Bridget Fields, BA '11 in History and Anthropology, is the Director, Acquisitions for the Centers of Excellences, General Services Administration. Read more about Bridget.

Jennifer Stapel Pietropaolo

Jennifer Stapel Pietrapaolo, BA '07 History and Sociology, MEd Administration and Policy Studies '11, is an Associate Director, University of Pittsburgh, Department of Psychology Undergraduate Advising Office.  Read more about Jennifer.

Valerie Shuman

Valerie Shuman, BA '08 in History, is a Post-Doctoral Associate, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Pittsburgh.  Read more about Valerie.

Eric Reidy

Eric Reidy, BPhil '12 in History and International and Area Studies, is an independent journalist. Read more about Eric.

Estelle Tran

Estelle Tran, BA '11 in History and English Writing, is a Prices Analyst at CRU Group. Read more about Estelle.

Zack Segal

Zack Segal, BA '14 in History and Sociology (Philosophy minor), is a Foreign Affairs Officer, Department of State, Washington, DC. Read more about Zack.

Carolyn Mazzella

Carolyn Mazzella, BA '10 in History and Urban Studies with a Historic Preservation Certificate, is a Financial Research Administrator at the University of Pittsburgh. Read more about Carolyn.

Daniel Seibel

Daniel A. Seibel, BA ’08 History and Philosophy, is an associate attorney at Metz Lewis Brodman Must O’Keefe, LLC. Read more about Daniel.

Halak Mehta

Halak Mehta, BA '16 History and Philosophy of Science, credits her undergraduate work for readying her for law school. Read more about Halak.

Rachel Gately

Rachel Gately, BA '13 History and Hispanic Languages and Literature, is a dual-language teacher in Worcester, Mass. Read more about Rachel.

Sumir Pandit

Sumir Pandit, BA ’11 History, is an Internal Medicine Resident at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Read more about Sumir.

Richard Hill

Richard Hill, BA '12 History, is a Spanish-speaking Consular Fellow at the United States Department of State. Read more about Richard.

Tayler Wilmore

Tayler Wilmore, BA '16 in History (Political Science minor), is a Human Resources Generalist at Please Touch Museum, the Children’s Museum of Philadelphia. Read more about Tayler.