Department of History

Carolyn Mazzella

Date of Degree: Bachelor of Arts in History and Urban Studies (Historic Preservation certificate), 2010
Current Position: Financial Research Administrator, University of Pittsburgh

My studies in History at Pitt empowered me to explore subjects in Urban Studies and Preservation, building knowledge on our urban landscape. Encouraging my studies was the promotion of the History Department for field placement/internships, which was a critical experience for my professional career. Interning at Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation as well as the City of Pittsburgh’s Planning Department, combined real-world experience with academic learning furthering my curiosity of public policy and management in our urban environment.

Upon graduation, I accepted an offer to join Pitt as an entry level administrator for The Institute for Learning. Inspired by my academic and hands-on experiences in undergrad, I simultaneously built professional skills while earning a graduate degree at Pitt’s Graduate School of Public & International Affairs. I honed my practical management skills and content knowledge through running higher education research operations and stewarding government funds with the goal of solving real-world problems through research.  

In 2016, these efforts culminated in my current role as Financial Research Administrator for a large, multi-disciplinary research initiative at Pitt with the goal to create a nationwide network of trauma systems and centers capable of conducting detailed research to improve military (and civilian) trauma care. Regardless of the research project I serve, I continue to use the skills I acquired while pursuing my History degree. Specifically, the abilities to consolidate information, communicate succinctly, and (most importantly) provide context for effective, efficient decision making.