Department of History

Christopher Eirkson

Advisors: Evelyn Rawski and Ruth Mostern
Doctoral Thesis: Ideas of Empire in Early Ming China: The Legacy of the Mongol Empire in Chinese Imperial Visions, 1368-1500
Date of PhD: 2018
Current Position: Analyst at Thomson Reuters

I work as an analyst for a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters in the Washington D.C. area conducting due diligence and risk intelligence analysis. Prior to my current position, I worked as an academic advisor at George Washington University and a visiting assistant professor at Franklin & Marshall College teaching Chinese and East Asian history.

My shift into industry research was not one I expected to take but one I have enjoyed. Experiences vary greatly week to week, remaining challenging and engaging while providing opportunities to pick up a range of new skills. The global perspective afforded by my graduate training has been indispensable for tackling diverse and rapidly shifting workstreams. On a moment’s notice I may need to acquaint myself with subject matter entirely outside my wheelhouse and develop techniques to navigate unfamiliar open-source environments. My background knowledge, teaching experience, and conference work have also been invaluable for organizing internal company discussion groups on global affairs, which assist teams by building context for client requests. Beyond that, foreign language ability and the practical skills necessary to rapidly read, analyze, and compress complex information are critical for my career.