Department of History

Resources for Students

World History Teaching Credential

Graduate students in the History Department may also pursue a credential in Teaching World History Teaching as part of their professionalization portfolio. Students are eligible for this credential once they have fulfilled the following requirements:

  1. Taken the graduate course designed by Prof. Diego Holstein on Teaching World History
  2. Designed a syllabus for a World History survey (likely a requirement in the above-mentioned course)
  3. Taken at least two courses with transregional or world historical perspectives
  4. Taught a stand-alone World History class, which eligible ABD graduate students in the History Department have several standing opportunities to teach each year.

Students who are interested in pursuing the credential in Teaching World History should speak with their principal advisor(s) and the Graduate Director.

Van Beck Hall Graduate Student Teaching Award

The Department of History prides itself on its devotion to undergraduate education and fine teaching. The Graduate Teaching Award is presented annually to a PhD student whose teaching has been outstanding. Applicants must have completed their PhD overview examination and have extensive teaching experience, including an independently taught course. The awardee is chosen by a committee of award-winning history faculty and receives recognition at a department ceremony along with a monetary award.

Past recipients include:

2021 Aura Jirau
2020 Bethany Wade
2019 Alexandra Mountain
2011 Katharine Phelps
2009 Roland Clark
2007 Kenyon Zimmer
2005 Gregory Wood
2004 Eric Kimball and Christopher Magra
2002 Scott Giltner
2001 Vanessa Sterling
2000 Mary Redd Magnotta

Graduate Students with Children

Consistent with the University of Pittsburgh's efforts to strive to be inclusive and to support academic-personal life balance, the University believes it is important to provide accommodation for graduate students who become new parents, so that they may contribute to their family responsibilities while continuing to make progress towards their degrees. 

For further information, please see the Graduate Student Parental Accommodation Guidelines and the Request for Parental Accommodation Form.