Department of History


History Internship Program: Guidelines for the Professional Journal Requirement

As a History intern, you must submit a typed professional journal or log of your experience to your faculty advisor. The journal should include:

  • a description of the internship including duties, environment, methodologies and interpretations of the work and your role (do not simply recount the happenings of the day);
  • entry dates;
  • an academic section in which you describe the academic experience including what you have learned about a historical period or issue or how and/or how this experience has shed light on your previous studies;
  • a section that deals with the professional experience of the internship (administrative, managerial or however this relates to your particular activities); and
  • a section at the end of the journal in which you reflect on the experience and how it has contributed to your view of history and career goals.

Still not sure what to do? Then stop by your advisor's office in 3711 Posvar Hall to take a look at the several examples on file.

NB: The professional journal MUST be handed in to the faculty advisor to complete the internship.