Department of History

Kelly Urban

Advisor: Reid Andrews/Alejandro de la Fuente
Doctoral Thesis: The Sick Republic: Tuberculosis, Public Health, and Politics in Cuba, 1925-1965
Date of PhD: 2017
Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of South Alabama

I am an Assistant Professor of History at the University of South Alabama. My book, Politicosis: Tuberculosis, Health Activism, and the State in Twentieth Century Cuba, is under advance contract with the University of North Carolina Press. My teaching specializations include Latin American history and the history of medicine. I am also involved in the community, serving as a board member for the Mobile Medical Museum. 

My graduate training at the University of Pittsburgh set me up for professional success in so many ways. The department’s emphasis on transnational training prepared me to teach broadly—for example, I just developed an upper-level elective, “Plagues and Pandemics in World History.” Furthermore, a transnational education placed me in the seminar rooms of many different faculty members, where I was introduced to a variety of research methodologies and teaching pedagogies. I was fortunate to have a committee that was not only brilliant, but also cared about me as a scholar. From critical feedback on the master’s thesis to giving me detailed notes on a mock job talk, I felt supported throughout my graduate career (and I still email them questions to this day!).