Department of History

Molly Warsh

  • Associate Professor


World History
Early Modern Iberian and British Worlds
Early Caribbean 
Commodities and Consumption
Atlantic History
Environmental History


World History
Portuguese Empire
Global Piracy
Early Americas in Global Perspective
Empire and the Environment
Environmental History in World Historical Perspective

Education & Training

  • PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Research Interests

My training in Atlantic history and embrace of world history and environmental humanities shape my scholarship and teaching. My undergraduate teaching ranges widely and includes (but is not limited to) courses on world history, global piracy, empires and the environment, and the global Caribbean. I work with graduate students in courses and in independent studies on numerous related fields. My first book American Baroque: Pearls and the Nature of Empire 1492-1700 (Omohundro Institute/UNC Press, 2018) considered the global repercussions of patterns of human and environmental resource management established in the sixteenth-century Spanish Caribbean pearl fisheries. My current work advances my two major areas of scholarly interest, early modern Atlantic history and world history. I am finishing an article on early modern Iberian Atlantic notions about itinerant labor and seasonality and working on a book titled Servants of the Seasons: Itinerant Labor and the Making of the Modern World, which explores related issues on a global scale. I am also the Editor of the Journal of Early Modern History.