Department of History

Peter Karsten

  • Professor Emeritus

Education & Training

  • PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1968

Representative Publications

The Magic Mirror: Law in American History, second edition with Kermit Hall (Oxford University Press, 2009) 

Editor-in-Chief of Sage 3-volume Encyclopedia of War and American Society (2005)

Between Law and Custom: "High" and "Low" Legal Cultures in the Lands of the British Diaspora, 1600–1900 (Cambridge University Press, 2003)

Heart Versus Head: Judge-Made Law in 19th Century America (North Carolina Press, 1997)

Military Threats: A Systematic Historical Analysis of the Determinants of Success (Greenwood Press, 1984)

Law, Soldiers, & Combat (Greenwood Press, 1978)

Patriot-Heroes in England and America: Changing Political Cultures, 1650–1950 (University of Wisconsin Press, 1978)

The Naval Aristocracy: The Golden Age of Annapolis & The Emergence of American Navalism (Free Press, 1972

Research Interests

Study of "culture brokers" and "go-betweens," individuals from either European or Native Cultures, 1520–1850, who "crossed over" into "the other" sufficiently to serve as a "go-between" or "culture broker."