Department of History

Regional Fields

The Department of History is home to internationally known scholars who offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses in the following world regions:


Africa is the birthplace of humanity and the most culturally diverse continent on the globe. Africans’ interactions with the Islamic world, Europe, and the Americas dramatically have shaped the histories of those regions, as well as shaping developments within Africa itself.  Read More >


Relating Asia’s distinctive history to its contemporary geopolitical prominence raises important questions that are fundamental to comprehending the formation of today’s complex world. Read More >


Europe is the birthplace of both the modern nation state and the most successful supranational integration; of a vast range of religious traditions; of multinational and global empires; of the Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment, and some of the most destructive political behavior in world history. Read More >

Latin America

From the Sonora Desert of northern Mexico through equatorial rainforests and the snow-covered Andes, Latin America is a region of enormous diversity. For more than five centuries, historical change here has been entangled with political, economic, social, and cultural developments far away.  Read More >

United States

Originating as a breakaway part of Europe's far-flung colonial empires, the United States became a major global power. This trajectory has long inspired historians' efforts to interpret the United States in a global perspective. Read More >