Department of History

Richard Hill

Date of Degree: Bachelor of Arts in History, 2012
Current Position: United States Department of State, Spanish-speaking Consular Fellow


I graduated with a B.A. in History in 2012.  Currently I am employed by the United States Department of State as a Spanish-speaking Consular Fellow.  Before that, I worked in New York City as a salesman and international student advisor for an English as a Second Language School.  

I enjoyed my time studying history at Pitt and found the courses useful.  With professors such as Tony Novosel, Lara Putnam, Paula Kane and Reid Andrews I worked a lot on understanding Western Civilization and Latin America through the lens of American and foreign commentators.  Their readings and lectures helped me to think critically about the region and apply knowledge to present-day problems. I draw continually on the skills they taught, and draw on the content, especially as I transition to working down in that region.

As I continue in my career I am deeply grateful to the Department of History for the resources available and solid advising that I received.  Tony, above all, has remained a trustworthy mentor and friend even as I moved on to grad school and to my professional life.  I am a better writer and communicator thanks to them, and I will represent Pitt well as I embark on a rewarding career in diplomacy.