Department of History

Atlantic History

Atlantic History is a dynamic field of historical scholarship and teaching focused on the common, interactive history of Europe, Africa, and the Americas, especially the Caribbean, from the late fifteenth century to the present. It concerns the transnational flows of people, cultures, ideas, and commodities, and their connections across time and space. Atlantic history also offers rich opportunities for comparisons, whether regional, topical, or thematic, and at the same time functions as an important constituent part in a larger world history. Crucial to Atlantic history are ships, trade, port cities, and links among various economies and to other oceanic systems; the formation of empires and the rise of capitalism; migration and diasporas; and cultural encounters, relations, and identities regarding class, gender, religion, ethnicity, and “race.”


George Reid Andrews
Distinguished Professor
Alexandra Finley
Assistant Professor
Niklas Frykman
Associate Professor
Lara Putnam
Marcus Rediker
Distinguished Professor
Pernille Røge
Associate Professor
Molly Warsh
Associate Professor


  • George Reid Andrews