Department of History



James Hill and Liann Tsoukas are the undergraduate advisors for the History Department and would be happy to meet with you even before you declare your major or minor. Feel free to come see us by making an appointment following the directions below.  

For those of you who have just declared History, if your PeopleSoft number ends in an even number you will work with Liann Tsoukas and if it ends in an odd number you will work with James Hill.  Once you know who your advisor is, you can make your appointment in one of the following ways:  

  1. For information on how to download the ‘Navigate Student’ app for IOS and Android go to:
  2. You can also log in directly to Pathways from your desktop at:!/authentication/remote/

Once we have this initial meeting with you, we strongly encourage you to keep in regular contact with us by appointment, email, phone, Zoom or whatever suits you best.

Thanks for joining us and we look forward to working with you!