Department of History


The History Department offers three scholarships for History majors to enable them to study abroad. They are awarded each February by the History Department.

  • A.J. Schneider Award
  • Ervine-McCourt Study Abroad Scholarship Award
  • Jimenez Scholarship for Study Abroad

Students will use one application to be considered for all three of the scholarships. Please note that a student can win only one of the three. Completed applications will be due in mid to late February (a specific date will be announced each January) in the History Department. Please submit all materials to Liann or James in one large envelope with your name printed clearly on it.

Award Application Checklist

  • Cover Sheet including financial aid waiver.
    • This is accessible on the History Organization Course web page.
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of Recommendation from a History faculty member in an envelope signed over the seal by the faculty member.
  • Official Transcript (Available in G-1 Thackeray Hall)


  • The A. J. Schneider award will award $2,000 to an outstanding History student for study abroad.
  • The Ervine-McCourt Study Abroad award will provide two $1,500 scholarships to outstanding History students for study abroad.
  • The Jimenez Scholarship will provide $500 for an an outstanding History student for study abroad.

Declared History majors—normally full-time undergraduate students—with an overall QPA of 3.0 and at least 12 credits in History courses may apply for this award.  (Note: Students must complete their award while enrolled as an undergraduate.) The award may be used for study abroad programs for the upcoming summer, fall, or spring terms.

Application Materials

  • Application cover sheet with contact information and basic academic data. (Cover Sheet is located on the History department organization on Courseweb.)
  • Statement of purpose, approximately 400 words, explaining what the student plans in study abroad, how the Schneider award will be used, and how the study abroad fits in with his/her academic and intellectual interests.
  • One letter of recommendation from a History faculty member
  • Waiver permitting the selection committee access to Financial Aid Office records of finalists. 
  • Official Transcript (Available in G-1 Thackeray Hall)

Application Procedure
Application materials are due in the History Department to Liann or James by early February. Students will be informed of the deadline each January. Students may be subsequently interviewed.

Award Procedure
Completed applications will be read by the members of the Undergraduate Committee, which will choose the recipient and announce the award by the end of February. On completion of study abroad, students will write a short report explaining how they used the award, to be submitted to the History Department and shared with the Schneider family.