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A Career in History: What do I do with a history major?

While many students major in history or simply express a deep interest in the field, they are unable to see the enormous range of career possibilities in history. That range increases even further if you have enhanced your degree with language skills, internships, certificate programs, and multiple majors and minors. You are only limited by your imagination!

History majors can consider graduate history programs with different specializations, offering degrees in areas such as archives, historic preservation, media, public policy, and museum studies. A major in history provides an excellent foundation for students planning to do advanced work in other fields too, such as anthropology, business, communications, economics, education, information and library sciences, law, medical sciences, museum studies, and political science—to name just a few.

And for those students who do not wish to pursue an advanced degree, the knowledge, writing skills, and analytical skills developed as a history major prepare students to work in a variety of fields, including information technology, advertising, insurance, media, museums, research institutions, travel, and public relations, among others. Or, put another way, graduates of history can transfer their skills and interests into nonprofit, public, government, and private sector careers.

To help students find and take advantage of all these opportunities, the History department, in collaboration with the Career Development and Placement Services, has launched a new initiative. This is History 0010, Professional Development for History Major and Minors. It is a one-credit, S/NC, 11-week course that covers such topics as resume writing, cover letters, networking, interviewing, attending a job fair, preparing for a job fair, and much more.

So when students ask what they can do with a history major, as an advisor I respond, "What CAN’T you do with a history major?"

Select Career Resources

History 0010
This is our new initiative that works closely with the Career Development Placement Services to prepare our majors and minors for graduate school and/or finding a job that makes the most of the skills they have gained as a History major. This class will be offered every term.

What can I do with a History Major?
Click to find out about some of the options you have as a History major for careers.

Office of Career Development and Placement Assistance
Students are encouraged to take advantage of the resources available at Placement and Career Services, located in 224 WPU. Students have the opportunity to speak and work with a career advisor with experience in specialized fields, such as history. In addition, the office provides students with workshops and events that help in the career and job search.

The American Historical Association
Offering resources on both professional and teaching concerns, this site is the best starting point for those interested in careers in history.